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  • Microfiber Makeup Removal Mitt/Glove
  • Microfiber Makeup Removal Mitt/Glove
  • Microfiber Makeup Removal Mitt/Glove
  • Microfiber Makeup Removal Mitt/Glove
Microfiber Makeup Removal Mitt/Glove Microfiber Makeup Removal Mitt/Glove Microfiber Makeup Removal Mitt/Glove Microfiber Makeup Removal Mitt/Glove

Microfiber Makeup Removal Mitt/Glove

  • Product No.:20191010141143
  • Price:Negotiate to david@mardavtextile.com
  • Type:Makeup Remover
  • Place of Origin:Changshu,China
  • Brand Name:MARDAV
  • Material:80%Polyester,20%Polyamide or 100% Polyester
  • Color:Pantone Code Customised
  • Size:Normal 9*11cm,Can be customised
  • Packing:Normal 1pc/opp,Can be Customised
  • MOQ:5000PCS/Color
  • OEM:Available
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 Microfiber Makeup Removal Mitt/Glove,

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber, usually produced using polyester, polyamide, or a combination of the two. Fibers are measured in denier, which is a reference to their 
linear mass. Sound awesome? We didn’t think so. The easiest way to think of microfiber is that they’re finer than a strand of silk, which is 1/5 the diameter of a human 
hair. So in other words, it’s pretty small.

Because producers of microfiber have control over the final product, they can use various techniques to achieve fibers that are soft, tough, absorbent, water repellent, 
or more – the applications are broad. We’ll stick to our favorite use: cleaning!

To achieve great cleaning results, microfibers are split during production. If you looked at a cross-section of the fiber it would look like an asterisk whereas a cotton 
fiber would just look like a circle. Those grooves allow the cloth to trap dirt and absorb liquid as well. An additional benefit of microfiber compared to cotton is the 
absence of lint. If you’re cleaning glass or any highly reflective surface like granite, stainless steel, or the surface of a car you’ll want to use microfiber.

Most products won’t mention whether or not the fibers are split, but you can easily test with a few drops of water. Put the water on any hard surface and try to push it with your microfiber cloth. If the water is absorbed then you’re dealing with split fibers. If the cloth pushes the water around then the fibers are whole, and your cloth is not meant to be absorbent.

1. No scratches for the scrubbing surface ;
2. Warp knitting;
3. Super absorbent: water absorption is 6 times of normal towels; 2-3 times of Chamois.
4. Super clean power: Microfiber cloth has superior electrostatic attracting capacity, cleaning out  the dust from most small corner, specaily suitable for cleaning car interiors, dashboards, upholstery and so on.
5. Super detergency: after wipe the engine oil type, can use the  general washing method to clear the surface, and there is not residual oil on it.

Item number:
80%polyster,20%polyamide or 100%Polyester 70%polyester+30%polyamide
Pink,Purple,Gray,Blue,Orange or as customised
9*11cm  or customised
300gsm(Can be from 200gsm to 480gsm)
Aplicable season:
Any time
Opp bag or as customised

The microfiber cosmetic glove for make-up removal belongs to the field of cosmetics in general, or more precisely to the body cleaning agents. By the involved invention the problem of removing all types of make-up from the face has been solved and all this without using any additional means like e.g. oils, milk, lotions etc. whereby the mentioned means is suitable for multiple application and is easy for maintenance as well as light, of small weight and dimensions and therefore extremely suitable for carrying during travels and similar occasions. 

After its application the cosmetic glove can be washed by using only the ordinary soap or detergent without any other cleaning agents. After being dried the cosmetic glove, according to the invention, is ready to be used again. Thanks to its small mass and dimensions, it is extremely suitable for carrying like e. g. during travelling. Besides, in view of its multiple use without having to use any other cosmetic means, it enables considerable financial savings. The simplicity of its application saves the user's time, and since its use does not require any other cosmetic agents, even if used by persons inclined to allergic reactions, the make- up removal is carried out without any health risks. 
The highest water absorption,strong decontamination, no fade,long time usement,easy to cleaning,static electricity,strong sticker,antibacterial,antifungal. The water absorption rate is 7 times than the ordinary cleaning towel.

you can use this mitt/glove after facial mask care or remover, it can effectively remove the make-up residue of the skin surface and deposited in the pores.

The micro fiber can suck the dirt of your face and inside of the pores easily. Can slowly pull away the scrap of the skin.

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Warmth Tips:
1)The highest temperature is 60 degrees when washed and do not bleach
2)Do not dry closed the fire.
3)Do not contact sharp or hard tearing.

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